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Welcome to Nose Secret!
If you have discovered Nose Secret, we know one important fact about you: you want to change the look of your nose. This sole interest defines the basis of our relationship with our customers – they want change, we provide instant results. This is our secret, the results are instant.

So, how can we guarantee that this will work for you? Here are a few more traits that define our satisfied customers:

o They have realistic expectations
Nose Secret is a cosmetic product – think of it like makeup. Although it delivers instant results, those results vary from person to person. Also, results are natural – not drastic. It will enhance your features but it will not alter them

o They know their limits
Nose Secret is a foreign object that is inserted into the nose. As such, it is common for people to feel slight discomfort during the first weeks of usage. Give yourself time to adjust to the product before wearing for long periods of time (suggested wear time – one to two hours per day).

o They know what they want corrected
Nose Secret lifts, slims, and straightens the nose. This is not a product for people who want to decrease the profile of their nose. It is perfect for all nose shapes and sizes, from those who want a more refined tip to those looking to slim down a wide nose.
If you share these traits, we would like to invite you to join the NS family! And don’t forget to follow/like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress! Read on to learn more about the early beginnigs of Nose Secret from our CEO

“Nose Secret was created to help you the same way it helped me to get my perfect look.

After college and in my early years entering the work force, over 16 years ago, I tried all kinds of tricks to correct and improve the appearance of my nose. A nose job was not an option; I was scared of the anesthesia, painful recovery and uncertain results. What I wanted was an easy way to lift the tip of my nose and make it a bit narrower and straighter. Then I discovered the best kept secret in town: a nose corrector.

I tried it as it was recommended for photo-shoots and special occasions and I was so impressed with the results that I started using the product more often every day. Although I don’t need them anymore, they are part my life and a must-have product in my cosmetic bag. No damage to the nostrils or medical problems has been reported from my doctor’s check up.

Now, after 16 years of using the product and receiving so many compliments, I am sharing with you my best kept secret at a price you can afford. NoseSecret.com has been created to help you discover the beauty of yourself, in seconds, without nose surgery.

Not only will you improve the appearance of your nose and enhance your facial harmony but you will also build the self confidence that you always wanted.”

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