Recommendations and Guidelines:

IMPORTANT! In addition to following the instructions of the NoseSecret package, you must carefully read these Recommendations and Guidelines for proper use of the product.

How to select your size:

Choose size image Choosing the right size of NoseSecret inserts depends on the width and height of your nose.
Place one of the splints on the outside of the nostril to assess which size fits best.
Recommendations: *When you insert the splints, keep your head tilted forwards, not backwards (not looking up), to prevent the splints from wandering while you learn to properly insert and remove them.

*NoseSecret has been designed to be used for Photo Shoots and special occasions, not for long periods of time. It is recommended to use NoseSecret for 30 minutes the first day and to increase the length of use everyday until you become accustomed to wearing the product.

*NoseSecret should not be worn when sleeping, laying down, swimming, and working out, or during any strenuous physical activity.

*Like any other cosmetic product that touches any part of your body such as contact lenses or eyelash extensions, a period of adjustment is needed to reach the maximum level of comfort.

*Clean the NoseSecret corrector with soap and water after each use. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL.


1.Wash splints with soap and water before use. Make sure that keep your face looking forward or downward, NEVER upward when you are inserting the splints. Using your right hand first, take one of the splints between the index finger and thumb,making sure that the nub of the splint is facing you as shown in the Fig. #2. Place the splint inside your right nostril, by inserting the tip of the splint in the opening of the nostril toward the tip of the nose and applying a gentle upward pressure.

2. Curb your upper lip down and gently push with your thumb, the back end of the splint inside the base of the nostril. The splint must feel secure in the nostrils.

3. Adjust the nose corrector touching your nose with your fingers until it feels comfortable. The tip of the nose should feel a little firmer to the touch than usual. Repeat the steps above but now using the left hand side to place the splint into the left side of the nostril.

4. Easy removal: Grab the nub of the splint with the enclosed removal tool and gently pull down to remove it. Repeat above step on the on the other nostril. Your head must be facing forward or downward, never upward.


*If you find that a splint has inadvertently wandered beyond your reach while you are inserting or removing them, keep your head tilted downwards and exhale strongly through your nose while you close the opposite nostril with yourfinger.

* If you experience discomfort as a result of wearing the splints for a long period of time, stop using the product for few days.

* Some people are more sensitive than others. In case you notice an adverse reaction, discontinue your use of the product and consult your physician immediately.

REMEMBER: DO NOT rush to wear the NoseSecret for the first time for a period longer than 2 hours. It is strongly recommended that you gradually adjust the length of use. NoseSecret is for use by adults only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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